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"The best result achieved in performing corporate actions is when it's executed from a position of strength."

Many times we find that companies are not able to get the capital they need, the most optimum price, or most efficient cost of financing because they failed to adequately put in place the right business strategy and robust business system.

Various strategy approaches are offered by consulting firms, but honestly, distilling the complicated representations, business strategy boils down to two simple core of whether a business is (1) offering differentiation, and/or (2) establishing cost leadership.

ACG advisers come from multitude background and expertise of finance, management consulting, and corporates. Thus, we are able to comprehensively see how the core elements of the business relate, and would truly translate directly to shareholders value. Distilled in the value integration framework below.

We find that that even some large companies may not maximize their potential value for reasons including:
  • Not aware
  • No resources available
  • Do not know how
  • Myopic horizon trap
  • Procrastination
ACG understand how to best help clients in corporate strategy and operational excellence improvements, which can answer questions such as:
  • What areas of the business have the most significant impact to the company's value?
  • Why are these factors causing problems?
  • How can I address the problems and improve the shareholders value?

Last, but not least, another important question would be: when can I get it fixed? The answer is, now, do not wait. Unfortunately we find one too many cases of company lingering and losing shareholder value for far too long. This translates into higher business risk and less money going into shareholders and management pocket. The longer a company delays in improving its businesses, the accumulative loss can get larger exponentially.

One can never know when suddenly a corporate action would need to be done, it can be just around the corner. The best avenue is to avoid a situation where one is left between a rock and a hard place when faced with a corporate needs, losing value and opportunity. ACG help clients with ensuring they are well prepared and generate the best value for shareholders.

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