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Corporate Finance

Whether performed as part of a larger engagement or individual assignment for a particular workstream, ACG help clients with the following general corporate finance advisory:

  • Financial modelling

    While ACG develop financial model for clients as part of a larger engagement in most of the services provided, we can also develop it as a stand-alone financial modelling assignment

    A well designed and developed financial model is a powerful management tool. Unlike the typical static financial model made by valuer or accounting firms for compliance purpose, ACG develop dynamic financial model with the same world class standard used by international investment banking and investment firms.

    We produce high quality financial model and implement best practices that enable improved usability, clarity, and consistency for its use. The following picture depicts our financial modelling approach. Financial Modelling Phase

    ACG help clients by developing financial model that delivers the following value to the management and shareholders:

    • used for expert financial analysis and company valuation assessment
    • enable dynamic execution of various scenario and sensitivity analysis
    • provide management and user confidence in the financial model to assist with robust decision making
  • Corporate restructuring

    Maximizing shareholder value is an important objective in the establishing and running of a corporation. Aside from operational and business improvement, there are corporate finance and strategic aspects that could provide immediate/near term results in improvement of value of an enterprise.

    This would include for example assessment of corporate structure involving analysis of business strategy, financial, tax, and regulatory matters, as well as rebalancing of capital structure for the most optimum and efficient cost of capital.

  • Leveraged/Management buy-out

    Many people think that they always need to first have available 100% of the amount of funding required, before they can acquire a company. We are glad to share that this is not the case

    With a good target company and a well designed structure, an acquisition can be made through a Leveraged Buy-out (LBO) method that may require as little as 10% of the total investment required to acquire another company. This is the same financial engineering method used by smart private equity and investment firms to optimize use of own capital in making multiple investments with a given amount of fund, diversify risk in the portfolio, gain tax shield benefit, and increase return on equity.

    Management Buy-out (MBO) is a variation of LBO with the difference being that the acquisiton is made by the company's own management that buy-out shares from the existing shareholders

    The ACG team can help clients in asessing LBO/MBO potentials, structuring, and raising the necessary fundings for making an acquisition.

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